Welcome to the official website of the Cause of Beatification

Welcome to the official website of the Cause of Beatification


"The peace brought by the Lord Jesus is the peace in God, the peace of God.
No power can take it away or destroy it."


"The vocation fell upon me, the prodigal son, and by God's providence,
I became a priest and a bishop."


"The sacrifice of Christ continues until the end of the world.
He continues through the priests according to his heart."


In captivity:
"I am so happy that now I am ready to love all men...
even those who do not seem to deserve any love.
They are the most unfortunate."


"Pray with such faith that moves mountains,
hope against hope."


"You have to witness to the faith externally...
This requires a lot of sacrifice and suffering,
even the gift of our lives."


"I do not resent those who persecuted me...
I have no hatred against them:
I have always considered them as my brothers."


"Mary always carries all her children in her heart...
She loves them with the same heart with which she loved
and still loves her Son Jesus."


"The people will come to us
as bearers of joy."


"To recognise our powerlessness and our nothingness,
recognising our dependence on God... :
without this we cannot be truly humble."


"The communion of saints is for me a source
that fills my spiritual life and gives so much happiness in the centre of my life:
in the Eucharistic sacrifice."

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“Hostia pro fratribus” , a life offered for his brethren…


Mgr. B. Slokans (1893 – 1981) began his episcopal ministry in the midst of persecutions against faith in God. The venerable bishop suffered much out of love for Christ and his Church, first of all in the soviet camps then during the deportation in Siberia. After he was freed, he began his ministry in Latvia before continuing for 35 years in Belgium. By offering his life for his brethren, Mgr. Sloskans was a living image of the good Shepherd, meek and humble of heart. For each one of us, he can be a friend, a brother, a father.

Cause de béatification du Vénérable Mgr Boleslas Sloskans

Le billet

Mai-août 2022 (27)


« Les amis, le film est fantastique ! »


Le 31 août, nous fêterons l’anniversaire de la naissance de Mgr Sloskans à Tiltagals (aujourd’hui Stirniene). C’était en 1893, il y a 129 ans. Selon le calendrier julien en vigueur à l’époque dans l’empire russe, c’était le 19 août. Selon ce même calendrier, le baptême eut lieu le 24 août dans l’ancienne église de Stirniene. D’après des témoignages crédibles, la cuve baptismale de l’ancienne église a été conservée et mise en valeur à l’entrée de la nouvelle église.


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« Un évêque selon le coeur de Dieu » 

Film documentaire sur Mgr B. Sloskans , 57 min., réalisation P. M. Jerumanis, R. Briede, H. van Ruymbeke (MEDIEL), Belgique 2018.

Le DVD peut être commandé à la Fondation Sloskans.

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